Let’s get ready together for World Water Day 2024

Water, essential to life, plays a crucial role in our well-being, food security, access to energy, environmental protection and progress. Unfortunately, over 2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. To counter this problem, the United Nations has designated March 22 as World Water Day. This initiative aims to […]

All the secrets of water cooler operation

French businesses use two types of water cooler: fountains with carboys and mains water coolers. The latter is the specialty of Mistral Constructeur, your water cooler manufacturer. Directly connected to the water network, the advantage of this type of water cooler lies in the fact that it requires no logistics to ensure the water supply […]

AGEC Law – New decrees to speed up the fight against waste.

Implemented in 2020, the French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Act sets major targets for the French economy and industry to reduce waste. The aim is to ensure that our environment is preserved in the best possible conditions. As a result, for several years now, we have been seeing decrees put in place along these lines. […]

Drinkable water : what is it and how does it work ?

Water is crucial to our survival and well-being. But for it to be fit for consumption, it must be drinkable. What makes water drinkable? What are the sources of this precious liquid? What determines the quality of drinking water? In this article, we explore the production, distribution and monitoring of drinking water in France. Drinking […]

Understanding the environmental impact of our activities

In a context where the environment and our impact on it is a priority, Mistral Constructeur is committed on a daily basis to taking concrete action in favour of sustainable development, the aim being, of course, to help preserve the environment and its resources. Paying attention to the way we produce our equipment Because we […]

10 good reasons to drink sparkling water

Sparkling water is a refreshing, fizzy drink that can bring you many benefits. Whether you drink it plain or flavoured, sparkling water allows you to stay hydrated while enjoying its benefits for your health, well-being and the environment. In this article, we give you 10 reasons to drink sparkling water on a daily basis. Helps […]