RDC 475 ToBeSure Floor-standing water cooler

Product description :

  • Mains fed coolers from the ToBeSure line
  • High performing UV filtration system
  • Microbiological purification
  • 100% Safe, 100% Reliable
  • Ultra-fast filling
  • Small bulk for narrow environment

This high-flow water cooler also exists with the distribution option by double foot pedals.

This new touchless system guarantees hygiene and safety to all users.

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Use :

The most efficient dispensers on the market is now available in ToBeSure version. Ideal for equipping sensitive environments with sparkling water, the RDC 475 ToBeSure is the assurance of a high flow and an important cold water production with optimal security.

UV technology :

Equipped with a ToBeSure UV disinfection system, the secured dispenser RDC 475 ToBeSure is the solution for PURE WATER. ToBeSure system delivers an instant disinfected water without any entering or outgoing contaminations and offers, at 100% to end-users in sensitive area, a perfectly purified water.

Available versions :

Cold – cook water (EF-EG)

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Versions et environnement


RDC 475 ToBeSure  EF-EG
 Flow rate – L/h 300
 Cold water production – L/h 120
 Sparkling water production – L/h 120
 Water temperature inlet – C° 15/20
 Cold water temperature outlet – C° 6/12
 Processing capacity by system of disinfection – L +/- 20 000
 Hermetic compressor – HP 1/8
220-240V / 50-60HZ
 Weight – Kg 65


  • Water microbiological purification
  • Indicator light for disinfection system replacement
  • Sanitary protection with agion antibacterial treatment
  • Door that provides access to the components and C0² bottle
  • Internal dispensing nozzle to avoid risk of bio-contamination
  • Electrical command by 2 buttons with 3 positions for water distribution (stop-continuous-sequential)
  • External draining