Mistral Constructeur launches its first range of water fountains for public buildings.

aAs the economic and ecological context grows ever more demanding, responsible consumption habits have become a priority for French citizens. It is in this context that Mistral is launching its new range of public water dispensers for use in establishments open to the public receiving more than 300 people: an innovative solution designed to guarantee free access to drinking water for all.

As the scope of the French AGEC law expands, public places are being equipped with water fountains.

The French Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act, which has been in force since 2020, calls for an end to food waste and the elimination of single-use plastic packaging on the market by 2040. This deadline has prompted the French government to gradually extend the measures set out in the law. The decree of January 1st 2022 sets out a number of measures to combat food waste, including the introduction of an obligation for public buildings welcoming more than 300 people to provide their visitors with free access to drinking water.

In response to these new measures, Mistral is launching its brand new range of water dispensers specially designed for the places welcoming public. A convenient, innovative and hygienic solution that is already proving its worth in a number of public places that are currently equipped with them.

Thomas LICCIONI, Managing Director of Mistral Constructeur: “Our ambition is to install water distribution points in all the major public places in France, and this new range provides an appropriate response to this new need, as there is often a time lag between the entry into force of laws and their application. At the moment, the public places concerned are lagging behind in implementing their obligations under the AGEC law. We were lucky enough to be involved in the deployment of these fountains in high-traffic areas along the Rugby World Cup route. And we will be equipping many more sites in the run-up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

A range of fountains for public areas that are 100% French, innovative and eco-friendly.

Manufactured in the Paris region using high-quality materials, this line of public fountains is designed to minimise its environmental impact and provide users with clear, drinkable water.

Available in two versions, Totem and Wall-mounted, the fountains dispense only tempered water, avoiding the need to install energy-consuming equipment (refrigeration tank, compressor or water heater); a feature that ensures low energy consumption for purchasers. Additionally, this range of water dispensers is equipped with a “ToBeSure” UV disinfection system that instantly eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and germs, as well as an activated carbon filtration system, guaranteeing clean, purified water for users.



With this range of fountains designed exclusively for public spaces, Mistral Constructeur is helping stadiums, shopping centres, railway stations and other establishments open to the public to acquire sustainable, high-quality public fountains and to offer users free, hygienic and eco-friendly water points.

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