Description :

This micro filtered water dispenser to be integrated on the counter is associated with a cooling unit directly connected to the water network.

The associated cooling unit is available in different powers according to the use of the dispenser: 40, 80 or 120 L/h. Thanks to its remote installation, you adopt an innovative and discreet solution.

You can also choose to add the Watersafe® anti-leakage system, which guarantees the security and compliance of water distribution points.

Moreover, equipped with a ToBeSure® disinfection system, the Babel allows a total control of the water consumed.

ToBeSure® is a patented system that uses the instantaneous action of ultraviolet radiation to eliminate germs and bacteria present in the water system.

This action run through 3 steps:

  1. Purification of the network water thanks to the in-depth treatment of UV radiation in a disinfection chamber.
  2. Passage through a UV concentrator to accelerate the ultraviolet treatment and finalize the purification.
  3. Treatment of the external surface with AGION (antibacterial coating) to avoid any retro-contamination.


With its slim lines and refine design, the Babel micro-filtered water dispenser finds its place in any work environment, break room or waiting room.

High performance and innovative UV technology:

Real anti-bacterial weapon, the ToBeSure® system eliminates 99,99999% of bacteria potentially present in water. In a few milliseconds, micro-organisms that may clutter up water are destroyed. Pathogen-free, the microfiltered water dispenser offers a 100% reliable response 100% of the time.

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