AGEC Law – New decrees to speed up the fight against waste.

Implemented in 2020, the French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Act sets major targets for the French economy and industry to reduce waste. The aim is to ensure that our environment is preserved in the best possible conditions. As a result, for several years now, we have been seeing decrees put in place along these lines. Reducing single-use plastic packaging is one of the objectives set by this law.

The end of single-use plastic packaging: the role of water coolers.

Since the first decrees passed under this law, water cooler manufacturers have been one of the pillars of its implementation. It is now compulsory for all establishments open to the public (or ERP) that receive more than 300 people a day to provide at least one free drinking water access point that can be used by everyone and is easily identifiable. The aim is to enable users to replenish their water supplies as often as they wish, in reusable containers. As part of this drive to drastically reduce the use of single-use plastic containers and packaging, Mistral Constructeur is using its expertise to offer the very best technology to visitors to these establishments. Thanks in particular to our wall-mounted fountains, users benefit from clear, purified water at no extra cost to the purchaser.In fact, we offer a whole range of equipment and options to optimise the use of water resources.

January 2024 – A commitment to the environment remains at the heart of the AGEC Law.

The new decree passed in January 2024, although it does not directly concern water cooler manufacturers or even their use, is a further step towards preserving resources and optimising what wecan do with them. The new decree deals with the sorting and collection of bio-waste. From now on, it’s the local authorities that are being called upon.They must provide a collection service for green waste, so that it can be recycled, for example by composting.

This new step towards the end of waste and the circular economy demonstrates once again the extent to which French society is investing in the introduction of such schemes.Further decrees are expected, but for the time being, water coolers and their manufacturers are not affected.

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