Evopure® A.I.R

Description :

The Evopure® contactless filtering water cooler is available with remote controls. The remote selection controls allow you to start dispensing water without any contact with the cooler.

Simply place your cup under the dispensing nozzle and move your hand in front of the desired water button. The fountain will start dispensing automatically. Remove your hand to stop the water and retrieve your reusable container.

Thanks to this selection, you guarantee optimal hygiene and protection against the risk of bacterial proliferation to all consumers.


Concerning the cooling system, the Evopure® A.I.R contains a direct expansion system by ice bank. This system guarantees a higher cold water production. Indeed, the coils of the refrigeration and water circuits are both immersed in a tank filled with ice water, allowing this large cooling capacity.

Of course, for hygiene and safety reasons, the 2 coils never touch each other. No communication is possible between the refrigerant gas and the water network.

In order to prevent the tank from being frozen, a stirring pump is added to the bottom of the tank. The direct expansion by ice bank is the guarantee of a fresh and safe water throughout the day.


Also, this contactless filtering water cooler is compatible with the patented antileak system Watersafe®. Place just after water supply, the system free water as soon as the distribution is triggered and cut it right after the end of water distribution. This method allows to avoid all types of leaks.

Use :

Just like other models from the Evopure® range, the touchless model will be perfect for all offices environments ; kitchenette, break rooms, small canteens.


Available versions :

  • EF-ET-EC : cold water – ambient water – hot water
  • EF-ET-EG : cold water – ambient water – sparkling water
  • EF-EC-EG : cold water – hot water – sparkling water

A double-pedals operated is also available in the Evopure® range.


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