Our story

Created in 1952, Mistral Constructeur is a French family owned business. Located in an exceptional site of 4000m2 in Evry, our company designs and produces more than 10.000 watercoolers per year.

After having marketed wines and liquors, Mistral has gradually and successfully integrated differents coreactivities. In the 1960’s, the company specialises in manufacturing watercoolers, water dispensers and beverages vending machines.

In 1990, Mistral turn is back on the vending machines in order to focus on its actual core business : the manufacture of drinking fountains and water dispensers.



1952 – Creation of Mistral

Created in 1952 by the Liccioni family, very involved in the automatic drinks vending machines and the manufacturing of syrups business, the Mistral company begins its activity with the manufacturing of drinks vending machines and water coolers.

1983 – Launch of the range RDC

Mistral Manufacturer innovates and launches his range of RDC coolers bound for communities. Still current and stronger than ever, the RDC range is ideal for mass catering and any other environment where the efficiency and the longevity are essential.

1990 - From Paris to Evry

After almost 40 years spent within the premises of Paris in the district of Bercy, Mistral moves to get bigger and joins the city of Evry. The company becomes established on a site of 4000 m² and insures the entire activity, from Research & Development to production.

1995 – Launch of the range FBF

Following its moving, Mistral gives up the manufacturing of vending machines to refocus exclusively on its core business: the manufacturing of water coolers. Thus, in 1995, Mistral inaugurates its first range of fountains demijohns, the FBF.

2006 – Launch of the range Evopure

11 years after the launch of the FBF, Mistral keeps innovating and announce its new key range: the Evopure. Specially designed for offices, this range of water coolers connected to the city drinking water network with internal draining is ideal for space-constrained environments.

2012 – FBF : Product range renewal

With the arrival of the FBF 2.0, Mistral leans on one of its star products, modernizes it and endows it with an improved hygiene kit, guaranteeing a total hygiene of the water and facilitating the maintenance of the water cooler.

2014 - ToBeSure, clean water at any moment

After several years of research, Mistral proposes its ToBeSure service. This solution of UV purification offers a perfect bacteriological control of water. Ideal for sites wishing to guarantee the bacteriological quality of the distributed water, the TBS patented technology is now available on several Mistral’s dispensers and coolers.

2016 - Evolution, the water cooler simple and efficient

The Evolution is the new hygienic, simple and eco-friendly water cooler of Mistral Point Of Use range.

Thanks to the DirectFiltration® technology which reduces 99% of contaminations, Mistral innovates in terms of hygiene while promoting eco-design by reducing the volume of materials used.

2017 : EcoBar : You are the source !

Design, convenient, ecological and innovative, Mistral EcoBar meets a demand for water quality, directly from your establishment.

You have the opportunity to choose your cooling units and the design of your distribution. Mistral EcoBar meets the demand of companies and catering professionals wishing to act for the planet while controlling their consumption of filtered water.

2018 – Señorita Electron, elegance and modernity

The Señorita is modernized with its 3 electric buttons for water distribution.

Suitable with the Watersafe®, an anti-leakage system, the Señorita Electron stands out as an elegant, powerful and safe water cooler. It fits perfectly into a variety of environments.

2019 - Launch of the Premium range

With the launch of the Drinkpad 4-waters drinking fountain, Mistral inaugurates its range of Premium water coolers. The Drinkpad is the 1st water dispenser to offer all 4 types of water, and features all Mistral’s patented technologies: the ToBeSure® UV disinfection system, the Watersafe® anti-leak system, and a touch-sensitive keypad with all control indicators.

2020 - Launch of the A.I.R range

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Mistral quickly launched a complete range of contactless water coolers called A.I.R.

This range brings together Mistral’s historic products, developed with infrared sensors to ensure that water is dispensed without any contact with the fountain, thereby eliminating the risk of bacterial proliferation.

2021 - Babel, the countertop micro-filtered water dispenser

The Premium range has been extended with the launch of the Babel model.

This counter-top micro-filtered water dispenser is combined with a chiller unit connected directly to the water supply. It also includes the patented ToBeSure® UV disinfection system to ensure instant elimination of germs and bacteria from mains water.

2022 - Mistral celebrates its 70th birthday!

On 17 June 2022, Mistral Constructeur celebrated its 70th anniversary surrounded by its employees, customers, suppliers and representatives of the town.
The day was an opportunity for all employees to spend some quality time together, with a variety of entertainment and a buffet.

2023 - Babel in 2 new versions

Following the release of the 3 button dispenser in 2021, the Babel countertop micro-filtered water dispenser is now available in 2 new versions. First, a 2-feed version with infrared sensors for hand or finger detection. Then a single-dispensing version with an infrared sensor that directly detects the reusable container placed in front of it.