Tap water: is it really a solution?

Growing concern about microplastics in water bottles The growing concern about microplastics in water bottles. The presence of microplastics in water bottles is a major concern, as several studies have revealed. These microplastics come from the plastic packaging used to package water, and are raising concerns about their impact on our health. According to a […]

Industry on the move!

  Determination and boldness are the words that describe what women who choose careers in industry have to show in the face of the challenges they often face. A positive outlook for the future of the industry. The feminisation of the industry is an important movement aimed at encouraging the participation of women in traditionally […]

Plastic degradation: the dangers for health and the environment

It is more important than ever to consider the environmental and health impact of single-use plastic bottles. The production and, above all, the use of these bottles have disastrous consequences not only for the environment (pollution of the oceans, marine fauna and groundwater) but also for our health. We’re talking here about the dangers posed […]

Water fountains mandatory in public buildings from February 2023

Since February 2023, ERP (establishments open to the public) have been required to provide their visitors with a water fountain, in accordance with the anti-waste law for a Circular Economy (AGEC). The aim of this measure is to encourage eco-responsible behaviour by reducing the use of plastic bottles, which are now completely banned. Who is […]

Public water fountains: the AGEC law for public establishments

Reminder of the AGEC Act In 2020, France decreed the implementation of the AGEC law, also known by its full name: the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy law. One of the aims of this law is to drastically reduce the number of single-use plastic products, with the ultimate goal of eliminating all single-use plastic by […]

Grand Paris Sud recounts Mistral’s 70th anniversary

On June 17, Mistral Constructeur celebrated its 70th anniversary surrounded by its employees, customers, suppliers and city representatives.   For the occasion, Grand Paris Sud honored us with a column in its DEV&CO newsletter.   This day was an opportunity for all employees to have a good time but also to allow our guests to […]

Mistral Constructeur x The SeaCleaners

1. The SeaCleaners: presentation Founded in 2016 by yachtsman Yvan Bourgnon, its main objective is to develop preventive and curative solutions, on land and at sea, to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. This objective is based on 4 main missions: Raising awareness and educating Collecting on land and at sea Conducting research on pollution […]

The invisible pollution – microplastics

Masks, bottles, packaging… Independently of their use, plastics contain multiple substances that are diffused in the environment. Every year, more than 100 million tons of plastic waste are dumped in the nature. Today our oceans are invaded by plastics, more than 6 billion tons if accumulated. Indeed, whether on land or sea, this waste does […]

How to choose a water cooler in your company?

You are planning to equip your premises with a water cooler but you do not know which model to choose? Mistral Constructeur is here to help you discover the different criteria to take into account so that you can choose the most suitable water cooler for your company. What are the different types of water […]

Premium water distribution, a new way of drinking

Because each workplace has its own specificity and needs, Mistral offers a wide range of water coolers that adapt to any environment. Customize your fountains according to your preferences, natural? fine bubbles? fresh? Whether you have limited space or plan to install fountains outdoors, our technical teams will help you meet all your requirements.