Evoplus A.I.R

Description :

The Evoplus touchless network fountain is specially designed for offices.

Now available in touchless version A.I.R, its remote selection controls trigger water distribution without any contact with the water fountain.

Thanks to the remote selection,  you prevent the risks of retro contamination and proliferation of germs and bacteria.

In addition, just like the other models in the range, the Evoplus A.I.R ensures hygiene and safety thanks to :

  • A sanitary protection on the water outlets.
  • An anti-burn device for hot water tap (double button for hot water).
  • An indicator light for filter replacement.
  • An indicator light for drip-tray level with security (water does not flow anymore in case of overflow).

Its small storage cabinet allows to store, on the sport, reams of cups or the CO2 cartridge (for sparkling version).

It’s also possible to store the 5-liter container for internal draining. Indeed, the external draining is an option on this model.

Finally, its direct expansion refrigeration system with ice bank allows it to produce a large cold reserve. Indeed, the 2 distinct coils (water and refrigeration gas) are immersed in an ice water tank to guarantee a greater cold capacity.

In addition, the water tank is equipped with an agitator pump which prevents the water from freezing thanks to its constant movement.


The Evoplus touchless network fountain is ideal for offices environment (kitchenettes, break rooms, small canteens) with its locked storage cabinet.

Available versions:

  • EF-ET-EC : cold water – ambient water – hot water
  • EF-ET-EG : cold water – ambient water – sparkling water
  • EF-EG-EC : cold water – sparkling water – hot water

L’Evoplus network fountain is also available with pedal control options for 2 waters versions. est également disponible avec l’option pédales pour les versions 2 eaux. Contact us for more information.

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