The lifespan of our water coolers: anticipating the replacement of your equipment

In a context where the optimisation of each of our appliances to avoid waste is a priority, Mistral Constructeur seeks above all to offer its customers water coolers designed to operate for several years. On average, our water coolers last 10 years, and our chillers 15 years. But we go further…

New technologies to extend the life of your equipment

To maximise the use of our equipment, our teams are implementing innovative technologies that do several things:

  • Guarantee the hygiene and therefore the smooth operation of the machines, by installing highly effective disinfection or filtration systems. Not only do these systems enable users to enjoy pure, crystal-clear water, they also minimise wear and tear on machines caused by limescale or other undesirable substances.
  • The use of durable materials such as LED lights and stainless steel.
  • Standardise ‘standby’ modes to reduce energy consumption and also to reduce wear and tear on the machine and prevent its performance from being affected.

The key to extending the life of water coolers: good machine maintenance

In the face of programmed obsolescence, Mistral Constructeur works tirelessly to design water coolers that last longer. On the other hand, extending the lifespan of products, like many other items of equipment, is subject to maintenance. Close monitoring of water coolers and rapid intervention by our technicians means that potential breakdowns can be identified as quickly as possible and even anticipated. We know our products inside out and are able to take charge of the entire lifecycle of our water coolers: from installation, through maintenance, right up to disposal.

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