Our values

For more than 60 years, Mistral makes a commitment to develop its activity around 4 strong values:



Composed of Engineers, the R&D department puts its expertise and ideas in favor of hygiene, performance and sustainability. These innovations offer reliable high-end products to the customers.


Customer relationshippicto-relation-client

Always listening to its customers, Mistral innovates thanks to their feedbacks, in order to drive the coolers more intuitive, reliable and easy to maintain. Thanks to this nearness,
Mistral has seduced French and European markets, taking advantage of the daily needs and environments of each user.


Quality of productspicto-relation-client

The quality is a fundamental value for Mistral: to manufacture sustainable products means manufacturing high quality products, elegant, functional and timeless. Each component is selected for its durability and its performance. Each supplier is selected with precaution to establish a lasting partnership.


Green-ethic commitmentpicto-relation-client

Mistral places special emphasis on environmental responsibility to stream its production processes and minimize its ecological impact. This project is supported by all services through clearly defined objectives : each employee feels invested and aware to reduce the company carbon footprint.