Mistral Constructeur and Trèfle Groupe, a corporate culture that fosters employee development.

As ecological issues and the impact of industrial activities on the environment are at the centre of everyone’s concerns, Trèfle Groupe and its entities make a daily commitment to everyone through tangible actions that promote not only sustainable development, but also the well-being of its employees, who are key players in each of the entities. They need to feel confident, heard and understood. This is exactly what is reflected in the initiatives set out in the Group’s CSR Charter.

Inclusion, diversity and employee well-being at the heart of the Group’s concerns.

Trèfle Groupe’s corporate culture is based above all on trust. And that trust comes first and foremost through the quality of working conditions within the company. New recruits are given “welcome packs” made up of reusable containers, which immediately put them right at the heart of the business. Weekly sports sessions are offered, and ergonomic workstations and equipment adapted to all professions are provided, whether for administrative or lifting positions, for example. Internal events are organised regularly to strengthen the bonds between employees. Many approaches have already been explored to enable teams to achieve their full potential, but every idea is worth considering. And who better than employees themselves to say how their working conditions could be improved?

Discussion tools to pursue a single goal: the continuous improvement of working conditions.

The well-being of the teams depends of course on concrete actions, but also on listening to the people concerned. That’s why employees are regularly put at the heart of the debate, through anonymous surveys that are distributed so that everyone can express their views on how they approach their work and the environment in which they operate, and suggest improvements in line with their well-being. Listening to our teams also means recognising their successes and giving them the credit they deserve. To this end, Trèfle Groupe organises awards ceremonies and internal competitions to reward and encourage teams to give their best. Finally, a variety of training courses are offered to enable everyone to enhance their skills and progress according to their wishes.

Guaranteeing equity and promoting diversity, so that no-one is left behind.

All recruitments, as well as the career path of each employee joining the Group, are subject to a policy of diversity and inclusion that is at the very core of the Group’s corporate culture. Having signed up to the French Diversity Charter in 2011, Trèfle Groupe offers its teams a guarantee of non-discrimination and fairness. Everyone has the same opportunities to access recruitment and in-house training. Adherence to this charter reflects a commitment to French society in general, and to the cultural and ethnic diversity that has become the pride of our nation. All of the company’s internal initiatives are in perfect harmony with this focus on diversity and fairness, a focus in which everyone is involved, whatever their age, background, profession, activity or hierarchical level.

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