Understanding the environmental impact of our activities

In a context where the environment and our impact on it is a priority, Mistral Constructeur is committed on a daily basis to taking concrete action in favour of sustainable development, the aim being, of course, to help preserve the environment and its resources.

Paying attention to the way we produce our equipment

Because we care about preserving our resources, we are committed to using technologies that are totally in line with this objective. Our water coolers are manufactured and assembled according to very specific requirements. We use natural refrigerant gases in our air compressors during the equipment production process, a solution that combines cooling efficiency with respect for the environment, as they have a low environmental impact. We also use responsible and economical materials such as LED technology and stainless steel on our production line. In addition, our premises have been designed to control energy usage as effectively as possible, thanks to the installation of automation tools that allow each workstation to be controlled independently according to different needs. These improvements concern both workstations on the equipment production line and those in the offices.

Reducing the environmental impact of our products

The equipment we offer our customers is directly connected to the city’s water network, which, unlike water fountains with plastic bottles, does not require storage space or regular deliveries. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint. The water dispensed is then filtered using eco-responsible filters, and disinfected using a UV lamp system, guaranteeing that the water is safe to drink. In line with the ecological requirements we impose on ourselves, we offer reusable BPA-free glass or plastic bottles for sale to encourage French people to drink water more responsibly. Indeed, we are mindful of the new AGEC law, whose various decrees aim to eliminate the circulation of single-use plastic containers. To support this eco-friendly approach, we are developing complementary activities, such as the Freshcup® instant cleaning solution: a station that cleans and disinfects all types of reusable containers. In addition, we are committed to equipping all our water coolers with a leak-proof system that drastically reduces water wastage.

Attention to every part of the chain

At Mistral, we believe that limiting our environmental impact does not stop when we deliver the equipment to our customers. Managing the end-of-life of our fountains is an essential part of our approach. We fight against the obsolescence of our products by giving them a second life. Thanks to our membership of the French government’s ecological programme, Ecologic, we have set up initiatives to extend the life of our products. Although they are designed to have a fairly long life compared with other equipment, our products benefit from the longer availability of spare parts to encourage repair rather than replacement. Our water coolers can be reconditioned ad infinitum, and components that can no longer be used or repaired are recycled, as are reusable containers.

Mistral is committed to offering high-quality products in the best possible conditions, and is constantly seeking to improve its manufacturing processes and internal operations in order to limit its environmental impact.

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