Electron Air

Description :

After expanding its range of touchless water cooler, Mistral has declined the Electron model with a remote selection option. The Electron Air was born.

Indeed, remote selection controls allow distribution without any contact with the fountain.

In this touchless water cooler model, it’s the infrared sensors present in the distribution buttons that trigger water dispensing. 

Firstly, place your container on the support grid. Then, put your hand in front of the desired water button. The fountain will dispense water until you remove your hand.

Water dispensing is triggered from a distance of 5cm.

Furthermore, the remote selection control preserve the hygiene of your water fountain and safety to all users.

The touchless model is also available with a distribution by double foot pedals.



Usage :

Designed for service by the glass in workshops, schools, hospitals, public places.


Available versions :

  • Cold – ambient water (CTE20 et CTE40)
  • Cold – ambient – hot water (MCE20 et MCE40)

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