Let’s get ready together for World Water Day 2024

Water, essential to life, plays a crucial role in our well-being, food security, access to energy, environmental protection and progress. Unfortunately, over 2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. To counter this problem, the United Nations has designated March 22 as World Water Day. This initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of water and encourage responsible, sustainable management of this precious resource.

The creation of World Water Day

Initiated by the United Nations, which brings together 193 countries working for peace and development, World Water Day has its origins in a Canadian proposal to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. This major conference was attended by over 100 world leaders, who came to discuss the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

Since its inception, this annual event has raised global awareness with a new theme each year, selected by UN-Water. This branch of the UN coordinates water-related efforts between agencies such as UNESCO, WHO, FAO and UNDP. UN-Water plays a central role in the communication campaign for this day, in partnership with governments, NGOs, the media, schools and businesses.

This day is a valuable opportunity to shed light on the crucial issues surrounding water management, share best practices and innovations, mobilize different players and citizens, and promote solidarity and cooperation on an international scale to preserve this vital resource.

Objectives of World Water Day

The main aim of World Water Day is to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 6, adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The goal is to guarantee access to water and sanitation for all, while promoting the sustainable management of water resources. SDG 6 is broken down into eight targets addressing different components of water management, such as improving access to drinking water and sanitation services, preserving water quality and using it efficiently, not forgetting the protection of aquatic ecosystems. For each target, specific indicators enable progress to be monitored and obstacles to be identified. Each year, the event revolves around a specific theme, chosen according to the targets of MDG 6, to highlight the challenges and opportunities linked to sustainable water management.

World Water Day 2024: water for peace

In 2024, World Water Day adopts a powerful theme: “Water for Peace”. This choice underlines the crucial importance of water in building peace, preventing conflict and strengthening collaboration between nations and communities sharing this precious commodity. Depending on how it is managed and distributed, water can either generate tension and conflict, or foster cooperation and stability. Situations of scarcity, pollution or unequal distribution can lead to confrontation, while equitable access to abundant, clean water is synonymous with prosperity and development.

This 2024 celebration is an invitation to become aware of the decisive influence of water on world peace. It encourages everyone to work towards the peaceful and mutually supportive management of this vital resource. It is part of the International Decade of Action “Water for Sustainable Development” (2018-2028), which aims to promote cooperation around water and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6. Drawing on international water law, this day aims to promote the equitable management of transboundary water resources.

This day also reminds us that water is a fundamental right, a common heritage and an essential pillar of life on Earth.

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