Junior Drinking Fountain

Product description :

  • Professional mains fed water dispenser
  • Compact size
  • Traditional and simple design
  • Equipped with an external draining

The Junior drinking fountain now exists with the double foot pedals option.

This new distribution system contactless guarantees an optimal hygiene and prevents the bacterial proliferatio risks.

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Usage :

Economical and very compact, the Junior Classic is a drinking water fountain equipped with an external draining and connected to mains water supply. Designed for professional areas.

Avalaible versions :

Available in several versions : 20L/h or 40L/h

  • Cold (Eco D)
  • Cold – hot (Eco MD)
  • Cold – cook (Eco DT)


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    Versions et environnement


    Junior D20 MD20 DT20 D40  MD40  DT40
    Flow rate – L/h 150
    Cold water production – L/h, Delta10°C 20 40
    Hot water production – Cup/h –   180 180
    Water temperature inlet – C° 15/20
    Cold water temperature outlet – C° 6/12
    Hermetic compressor – HP  1/8

    220-240V / 50-60Hz


    220-240V / 50-60Hz

    Weight – kg  28 30 28 29 31 29


    • Compact water cooler
    • Swan neck tap
    • Steel panels in grey, france blue, pure white with anti-scratch covering (or stainless steel in option)
    • Stainless steel water heater (2L) with adjustable thermostat 2 000 watts stainless steel resistor
    • External draining