Our Technologies

To reach its Hygiene and Safety’s goals to the endusers, Mistral controls all the production in its factory, based in France : metal work, heat-forming, stamping, assembly, cladding, packaging, shipping…
Thanks to this complete control, Mistral ensures highly reliable products, always in line with market requirements.


 The water is not from stagnant water into a cooling tank. Mistral uses the direct chilled technology for all its mains-fed water coolers, to ensure healthy water.


The cold coil is surrounded by a layer of ice that increases the refrigeration capacity of water to produce a large stock of cold.


 The WaterSafe® secures water cooler’s installation against important water damage. Its main function is to bring an electric securisation of the water cooler in case of leackage between water supply and cooler. The system is certified CE and ACS.


 Successful and reliable, the ToBeSure® system eliminates immediately bacteria and germs contained in the water. In some milliseconds, the water is cleared in 99,99999 % of pathogenic germs.