Our Technologies

In order to produce drinking fountains that can meet the current needs and its evolutions, we invest, develop and use innovation technologies to improve the functions, durability, reliability and the ease in usage and maintenance of our drinking fountains and water coolers.

Metal work, heat-forming, stamping, assembly, cladding, packaging, shipping…all production steps undertaken in our factory in Ris-Orangis (Essonne, France) ensure us an high quality of finish on all of our products.



The ice bank refrigeration is a system we developed, allowing a significant production of cold water. This system is active thanks to two coils (in stainless steel and in copper), one dealing with cold and the other with water. The cold coil is covered with a layer of ice which increases the water’s refrigeration capacity by producing a significant cold reserve.

They are both immersed in a tank filled with chilled water, which guarantees a greater cold capacity. The two spiral alloys never touch each other, which prevents any communication between the refrigerant gas and the mains water. An internal agitator pump limits the risk of ice formation. Thanks to this system, water is guaranteed fresh all day long.


The WaterSafe ® secures the installation of the water cooler. Its main function is to secure the water cooler against leaks that occur between the water inlet and the water cooler.
Thanks to an electric control system, the installation is 100% safe after each use thanks to the valve kept closed; no risk of micro-leakage. This Mistral innovation guarantees the security and compliance with standards of all water distribution points. The whole system is CE and ACS certified.


100% efficient and reliable, the ToBeSure® system instantly eliminates bacteria and germs from the water. In just a few milliseconds, the water is 99.99999% free of pathogenic germs.
This technology is an ultraviolet lamp disinfection system (guaranteed mercury-free). Thanks to the radiation of the UV rays, the micro-organisms are completely eliminated, leaving a healthy and purified water, free of bacteria. The placement of a quartz crystal just before the dispensing nozzle reflects the UV rays for disinfection from the first to the last drop poured.