Touchless ToBeSure® floor-standing cooler (RDC 475)

Description :

The secured high-capacity drinking fountain RDC 475 ToBeSure® is now available with touchless options:

  1. Double-pedal control: to trigger water distribution without any contact with the cooler. Each pedal controls one of the distribution.
  2. Infrared sensors controls: the infrared sensor is placed under each water outlets to trigger water distribution as soon as a container is placed on the grid, in front of the sensor. To stop dispensing, remove the container from the sensor.

With these touchless options, there is only one distribution possible: continuous distribution.

Still equipped with a ToBeSure® disinfection system, this system allows a perfect control of the contaminations present in the water network. Thanks to the instant action of the UV disinfection system and the concentrator, the ToBeSure® drinking fountain delivers perfectly controlled water. Pathogen-free, it offers a 100% reliable response 100% of the time for sensitive audiences.

Developed specifically for water cooler use, this system allows total control of water quality.

This secured drinking fountain is also compatible with the patented antileak system Watersafe®. Place just after water supply, the system free water as soon as the distribution is triggered and cut it right after the end of water distribution. This method allows to avoid all types of leaks.

Use :

The most efficient and hygienic carbonated filtered water cooler on the market is now available in a ToBeSure® version. Ideal for using sparkling water in sensitive environments, the RDC 475 touchless ToBeSure® cooler promises high flow rates, high cold water production and maximum safety.

Collective catering, canteens, refectories, public places or workshops, its high cooling capacity is perfect for intense use.

Available versions:

Cold water – sparkling water (EF-EG)

The syrup version is only available with the classic model.


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