Evopure ToBeSure®

Product description :

  • Plumbed in water coolers from the ToBeSure line
  • High performing UV filtration system
  • Microbiological purification
  • 100% Safe, 100% Reliable
  • Integrated cup dispenser
  • Small bulk

The secured water cooler Evopure ToBeSure® is now available with an option of double pedals distribution system.

This new distribution system touchless guarantee an optimal hygiene and prevents the risks of bacterial proliferation.

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Use :

Design, compact et reliable, ToBeSure EVOPURE cooler finds its place every where, every place needed a great tasting water at anytime and especially in offices.

UV technology :

Equipped with a ToBeSure UV disinfection system, the secured water cooler Evopure ToBeSure® is the solution for PURE WATER. ToBeSure system delivers an instant disinfected water without any entering or leaving contaminations and offers, at 100% of end-users, a perfectly purified water.

Available versions :

  • Cold – cook water (EF-ET)
  • Cold – cook – hot water (EF-ET-EC)

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    Versions et environnement


    Evopure ToBeSure  EF-ET  EF-ET-EC
     Flow rate  – L/h 120
     Cold water production – L/h 50
     Hot water production – Cup/h  –  60
     Inlet temperature water – C° 15/20
    Cold water temperature outlet – C° 6/12
     Hot water temperature outlet – C° –  75/80
     Disinfection system treatment capacity – L +/- 20 000 
    Hermetic compressor – HP 1/10

    220-240V / 50-60 Hz

     Weight – kg 22 23


    • Water microbiological purification
    • Indicator light for disinfection system replacement
    • Sanitary protection with agion antibacterial treatment
    • Anti-burn device for hot water tap
    • 2 colors available : Intense Black or Pure White
    • Stainless steel water heater (1L) with adjustable thermostat 500 watts stainless steel resistor