Description :

The Premium water dispenser for countertop or pedestal installation connects directly to the water mains.

Small and compact this design water cooler stands out from other water mains models thanks to its various safety features.

First of all, its control indicators enable to alert users when a maintenance operation is necessary, whether it is :

  • a leak in the water circuit.
  • the replacement of the ToBeSure® UV disinfection system.
  • an overflow of the drip tray or the collection can.
  • the replacement of the filter.
  • the replacement of the CO2 cartridge.
  • the need for external intervention (qualified technicians).

In addition to these indicators, this Premium water dispenser includes a Watersafe® antileak system and must be installed with a ToBeSure® disinfection system.

Specially developed for water coolers, the ToBeSure® UV disinfection system guarantee total control of water quality.

Indeed, thanks to the instant action of ultraviolet radiation, the water dispensed is guaranteed free of pathogenic germs to offer a 100% reliable response, 100% of the time.

Moreover, the design fountain Drinkpad includes an ice bank cooling technology. This system ensures a larger cold water production.

Indeed, the cold coil is covered with a layer of ice before it’s immersed in a tank of iced water. This technology increases the water’s refrigeration capacity and, thus, produces a larger cold reserve.


Use :

Thanks to its small volume and its outstanding design, the Drinkpad Premium water dispenser will perfectly fit in offices, break rooms or waiting rooms.

Available versions :

  • EF-ET-EC : Cold – ambient – hot water
  • EF-ET-EG : Cold – ambient – sparkling water
  • EF-ET-EG-EC : Cold – ambient – sparkling – hot water

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