Babel Cooling Unit

Description : 

The Babel distribution column is combined with a specific cooling unit, connected to the water network. Unlike Ecobar under-sink coolers, the Babel cooling unit can manage the ToBeSure® disinfection system.

Babel cooling units are differentiated according to the column selected :

For each distribution, they are available in 40L/h or 80L/h.

Innovative, high-performance UV technology:

The patented ToBeSure® system uses the instant action of ultraviolet radiation. This 3-step action eliminates germs and bacteria from the water supply:

  • In-depth purification,
  • Acceleration of ultraviolet treatment,
  • Treatment of the external surface with an antibacterial coating.

Securing water points:

Our Watersafe® anti-leak system is included with Babel cooling units. It secures the installation in the event of overpressure or leaks between the water inlet and the cooling unit.

The electrical control system ensures 100% safety after each use. As long as the water supply is not switched on, the valve remains closed. As a result, water does not flow back into the circuits until the water cooler is in use, preventing micro-leaks.

Ventilation options :

Under-counter cooling units need space to evacuate the hot air they generate.

Depending on the space available in the base cabinet, we recommend additional ventilation, either:

  • Directly through an opening in the door,
  • Through an opening under the cabinet,
  • Through an opening in the skirting board,
  • By indirect ventilation with an independent fan.

Use :
Professional under-sink solutions are ideal for elegant water integration in demanding environments. Enjoy pure, fresh, tempered and sparkling water.

Available Versions :
G40 Cold, ambient & sparkling water (EF-ET-EG)
G40 Cold & sparkling water
G40 Cold water (EF)
G80 Cold, ambient & sparkling water (EF-ET-EG)
G80 Cold & sparkling water
G80 Cold water (EF)

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