Evopure Table Top A.I.R

Description :

The Evopure TT tabletop water cooler is available in an A.I.R version ; a touchless tabletop water cooler with remote controls.

Indeed, its remote selection controls allow to start the water distribution from 1 cm distance.

A small and compact network fountain, the Evopure TT A.I.R has the same safety features as the other fountains in the range, namely:

  • An anti-burn device for hot water tap (double button for hot water).
  • An indicator light for filter replacement.
  • An indicator light for drip-tray level with security (water does not flow anymore in case of overflow).

The operation is the same as a classic Evopure Table Top except that you won’t have to touch the appliance to get water.

The container is placed on the drip-tray, under the dispensing nozzle. When you bring your hand in front of the button corresponding to the desired water, the dispensing starts. To stop it, just remove your hand.

Thanks to this manufacturing option, you ensure a real protection against bacteriological risks (back contamination, germ proliferation). In addition, you guarantee maximum sanitary safety to your customers.

Moreover, the refrigeration system used in the Evopure TT A.I.R is a direct expansion system by ice bank. This system allows a more important cold water production thanks to the coils immersed in a tank of ice water. Also, this water tank guarantees a greater cold capacity because the water and refrigeration coils are maintained at an ideal temperature.

These 2 coils are also totally independent from each other so that no mixing is possible between the refrigerant gas and the water from the network.

In addition, in order to avoid that the tank is taken in ice, we add a stirring pump allowing the water to be in constant movement.

Use :

Thanks to its design format and the sobriety of its curves, the Evopure TT A.I.R touchless fountain will find its place very easily in offices, cafeterias, counters

Available versions:

  • EF-ET-EC : cold water – ambient water – hot water
  • EF-ET-EG : cold water – ambient water – sparkling water

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