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Determination and boldness are the words that describe what women who choose careers in industry have to show in the face of the challenges they often face.

A positive outlook for the future of the industry. The feminisation of the industry is an important movement aimed at encouraging the participation of women in traditionally male fields.
This trend can be traced back to changing attitudes and cultures towards women, as well as a growing awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in business. Women have begun to break down the gender stereotypes that have long been associated with these industries. They have demonstrated their ability to excel in these fields and to make significant contributions.

This increase in the feminisation of the industry can benefit both women and companies. For women, it means greater employment and career opportunities. They can move into better-paid positions with greater responsibility, which helps to reduce the gender pay gap. It also enables them to develop professionally and realise their full potential.

For companies, the presence of women in industry provides a diverse workforce. Women bring unique perspectives and complementary skills that can improve decision-making and overall business performance. They help create more balanced and inclusive work environments, fostering collaboration and employee engagement.


Unfortunately, gender stereotypes, unconscious prejudices and workplace culture are still far too prevalent in our society and can discourage women from entering this sector, or prevent them from reaching their full potential.

The feminisation of the industry is an important step towards a more equitable and diverse society. By enabling women to work in any field, while offering significant career opportunities, we are helping to combat discriminatory or harassing behaviour. All our positions are open to women and men, and we currently have 9 women in our workshop, representing 15% of our workshop workforce. For comparison, we were at 6% women in 2018.

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