European Week for Sustainable Development x AGEC

La Semaine Européenne du Développement Durable (SEDD)

The SEDD is an opportunity to promote sustainable development and thus to raise awareness of its challenges and to mobilise as many people as possible.

“The aim is to illustrate, through various projects, how everyone can contribute to achieving the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda, adopted by the UN in 2015.
The 2030 Agenda sets out a roadmap that covers all societal issues. It sets out a voluntary vision for transforming the world by eradicating poverty and ensuring its transition to sustainable development by 2030.
States, local authorities, associations, companies, citizens…
Everyone is called upon to take part in achieving the SDGs and to contribute to providing solutions.

The SEDD is an event that is open to all and lives on thanks to everyone’s mobilisation. All actors are invited to get involved!”

Semaine Européenne développement durable SEDD AGEC

Anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC)

AGEC, as it is known, is a law that addresses several environmental, economic and societal issues by proposing the development of an economic model based on the circular economy.
The main objectives of the AGEC law are to end the marketing of single-use plastic packaging by 2040 and to fight against waste.
The aim is to move from a linear consumption model (produce-> distribute-> consume-> throw away) to a resource-efficient circular economy (produce-> distribute-> consume-> collect-> recycle)

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“Acting on a daily basis”.

This is the theme chosen for this year’s European Week for Sustainable Development.
It is also the line of action of the AGEC law, which aims to change things in terms of waste by acting on our habits:

– Reducing the use of plastic materials
– Changing production models
– Learning and implementing anti-waste gestures
– Better informing consumers
– Acting against programmed obsolescence

Please visit the government website to find and participate in projects in your city:

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