How to choose a water cooler in your company?

You are planning to equip your premises with a water cooler but you do not know which model to choose?

Mistral Constructeur is here to help you discover the different criteria to take into account so that you can choose the most suitable water cooler for your company.

What are the different types of water coolers?

Today, there exist 2 types of water coolers :

Network-connected fountains have a definite advantage, as they do not require any change of cylinder, you will not need to handle, store or transport them.
You will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Where will your distributor be installed?

The installation of a bottled water cooler is very easy since only an electrical outlet is required.
For the water cooler connected to the network, its installation requires a connection to the water network.

Depending on where you want to install the water cooler, we will suggest the most suitable model.

Attention: if you want to install it in a busy place, we advise you to choose a fountain capable of responding to the users’ demands by offering a sufficiently large flow.

What type of water for your water cooler?

If you didn’t know, water coolers don’t only dispense cold water.
At Mistral, we offer different versions of water coolers:

  • Cold water
  • Cold / tempered water
  • Cold / hot water
  • Cold / sparkling water
  • Cold / temperate / hot water
  • Cold / sparkling / hot water

Choosing a fountain that offers several water versions will allow consumers to choose the type of water. You also allow them to satisfy their desires.

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