8 tips to drink more water

Our body is composed of 60% to 70% water depending on our morphology. After oxygen, is the most important element in our lives.
Therefore it is essential to be properly hydrated every day to replace the one eliminated all along the day.
The European Health Authorities recommend to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to compensate for this loss.

Despite its vital character, 75% of French people drink less than 1.5 liters  daily.

The lack of taste, the lack of time, the fact of not feeling thirsty are some of the reasons mentioned by people who do not drink the recommended dose.

If you also have trouble drinking water, here are 6 tips to drink more without even realizing it.

1.     Buy a reusable bottle

A reusable bottle can be brought anywhere. For example, having one available on your desk all day at work will encourage you to use it and drink more.
It will also allow you to track your consumption and control it.
It is even offered by some employers to their employees.

2.     Drink flavoured water

Water is not the tastiest drink. Its neutral taste does not motivate us to drink 1.5 liters. If you want to drink more water in a more pleasant way you can for example flavour it.

It’s not that complicated, a slice of lemon or orange, a few mint leaves and you’re done!

This simple trick will allow you to drink in greater quantities.

A little extra: you are no longer tempted to replace water with juice or soda.

water aromatisée

3.     Organize small rituals

By organizing habits and rituals, you can be sure to meet your daily quota. Force yourself to start and end your day with a tall glass of water, or consider drinking one before each meal and during your snack breaks.

These little rituals won’t disrupt your habits, but they will make it easy to reach your daily goal.

4.     Diversify the pleasures

When the European Health Authorities recommend drinking 1.5 liters per day, this includes in all its forms. So you can easily alternate still and sparkling water (link to…), tea, herbal tea or coffee throughout the day.
You won’t even realize you’re drinking water, but you will.
You will please yourself while thinking about your health!

water thé café

5.     Eat hydrating fruits and vegetables

As you know, some foods are almost entirely made of water, such as cucumbers, celery, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, watermelon or zucchini. They can therefore contribute to your daily consumption.
This way, you will quickly reach the recommended consumption. So don’t hesitate any longer!

6.     Use an app

Today, there are many mobile applications which track your daily, weekly and monthly consumption. Some send you reminders, tips and even personalized statistics so you don’t forget to hydrate yourself.
Most of these applications are free. You can use for example: Water time, Water Reminder, Water Tracker, Aqualert, Hydro Coach or Stay Hydrated that you can find on Play store and Apple store.

water application mobile

7. Add ice cubes

One of the most popular solutions is to add ice cubes to your water, juice or smoothie.

Did you know that 4 ice cubes is the equivalent of half a glass of water?

It’s a great way to cool down, but also to increase your water intake. So don’t skimp on the ice cubes !

eau glaçons



8. drinking through a straw

Drinking through a straw is not unusual, but did you know that by using a straw you drink faster?
You drink faster but you don’t realize it and it encourages you to drink even more!
This is a well-known trick of bartenders who serve all their cocktails with straws to encourage drinking.
Apply this trick daily and contribute to a good daily water consumption.


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