Disposable 600g CO² cartridge

Disposable 600g CO² cartridge
Up to 150 liters of sparkeling water


Screw the bottle onto the regulator without tightening too much. If the gas does not come out, unscrew and tighten the reducer gently. After use, once the CO2 cartridge is empty, unscrew the bottle: the closing is automatic. With the holder, adjust the gasification intensity of the fountain water. A bottle of CO² 600g can produce up to 150 liters of sparkling water, about 500 to 700 glasses of sparkling water.



  • non-reusable
  • tare : 1120g
  • volume : 930 cc
  • pressure: 36 Bars at 0 ° C
  • content : 600g de CO²
  • test pressure : PH 165 Bars
  • H.310mm / D.75mm


You can also choose the reusable 6kg CO² Bottle or the reusable 10kg CO² Bottle

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